What happened to Patty Navidad in 'Top Chef VIP 3'? Why isn't he seen more?

Elimination this Monday 'Top Chef VIP 3', Many wondered what had happened to Mexican actress and singer Paty Navidad, who had not been seen since last Friday on the Telemundo Network show, which challenges a group of celebrities' cooking skills.

No announcement was found on the artist's social networks giving exact information about his absence from the competition. But the public has noticed that she is not preparing in the spectacular kitchen and that is why the public is curious to know what happened to the artist.

They also left some comments on his Instagram account to ask the reason why he is not in the gastronomy competition.

“You did not come to the program, what happened?”, “Where are you? “Why don't you come in the episode?”, “What's missing from the screen yet?”, “I never saw her anymore”, “What's wrong with not seeing Patti Navitha. ? I watch 'Top Chef VIP 3' only for her”Here are some of the comments they wrote to show themselves with interest because of his absence on social media.

Although nothing is clear, a fan club that follows Patty Navidad's life offered a theory as to what happened: “She was going to come back, something was shown, but she quickly joins.”

Patty Navidad Quits 'Top Chef VIP 3'?

It's not clear why he didn't take part in the show, but rumors grew after Mexican actor Marc Dacher decided to pull out of the competition due to problems with producer RCN Colombia.

But, despite this controversial fact, the veteran artist who came second in 'La Casa de los Famosos 3' continues to share content related to 'Top Chef VIP' on his social networks.

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This suggests that he is still in the competition, but due to some mishaps he has not been able to impress with his preparations.

Cooking is one of Patty Navid's best interests and that is why many of the audience are excited by her participation as she does it with great precision and skill.

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