Cordoba Alhambra area | Espacio Rojo addresses empathy and sustainability in Cordoba through cinema and art

Espacio Rojo addresses empathy and sustainability through cinema and art in CordobaCordoba

The Filmoteca de Andalucía will be hosted in Córdoba next Monday, June 3 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.Empathy through cinemaA selection of short films for Red spacewhich explores empathy and sustainability through cinema and becomes the headquarters for the Yeast International Student Film Festival with short films from Armenia, the Netherlands, Estonia, Germany, the UK, Lebanon and Cyprus showcased.

The director will attend the screening Yannis ChristidisWhich will show the first images of the process of creating the creative documentary for Project IMPACT: Council of all beings.

On Tuesday, June 4 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, the activity will take place Discover the sustainable futureIn the Antonio Gala Foundation. Within the Emacty: Empathy and Sustainability project, Espacio Rojo presents the innovative SuCiE platform for the circular economy and sustainability, where Artists and companies can profitably exchange waste materials.

The morning will include artist talks Yannis Christidis (Cyprus)A look at, a platform for sustainability and artistic creativity; Vicky Periklios (Greece) – Economics of Empathy and Sustainability: The Return of the Pantomime in Art Contexts; And Andreas Savas (Cyprus) – Flexibility materials. Then it will be implementedA workshop led by the same guest artists.

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This activity is part of Emact, an EU project that promotes empathy in response to the climate crisis through training and interdisciplinary collaboration in artistic creativity.

Red space It is a non-profit entity, founded in Madrid in 2004 Promoting, disseminating and encouraging culture, education and art in society. The entity promotes spaces for reflection, experimentation and encounters between people related to the cultural field and promotes projects that promote cultural pluralism, integration, social awareness and gender equality.

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