What happened to iCloud, Apple Music and other services

It starts out harder and harder to recommend online services or to have more confidence in the sites that link your access to server information located on the other side of the world. The latest company to score the fence is Apple.

A few weeks after Google crashed its services, and a few days after even Anidesk servers shut down, it returned to the Apple title. Connection issues. iCloud, Apple Music, Find My, Keychain, all of which have created minor or major issues in the last 24 hours, you can see on the Apple website.

Less than 10 online services provided by Apple have caused problems in various parts of the world, and if you encounter problems in this regard, you can find the updated information section on the Apple website in the section System status.

The most complicated of such situations is the lack of transparency, and Apple is a global leader when it comes to describing issues or providing explanations. Cupertino officials were ashamed to say what happened or why, but it was not clear how many people were suffering because of those issues. “Some users have been affected”, the company said on its website.

However, as I said in the introduction, it is not a problem that some servers or services fail, but situations like this where logic is unexplained reduce confidence in online sites and the idea of ​​the cloud in general.

But one thing is clear, the problems have spread throughout the day. App Store or Apple Music and Continued with iCloud Drive, Photos, notes, contacts and more.

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