Russia expels three EU ambassadors accused of participating in pro-Navalny protests

Russia has announced three ambassadors from Sweden, Poland and Germany who took part in protests in support of Alexei Navalny on January 23, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Sweden denies the allegations. Joseph Borel, the head of European diplomacy, discovered the news during his visit to Moscow and called for a “re-evaluation” of the decision.

Update 18.30 AFP reports that French President Emmanuel Macron has “strongly” condemned the expulsion of three Western diplomats and Russia’s handling of the case of rival Alexei Navalny. AcerPress.

“As for Navalny’s business, I strongly condemn from the beginning to the end what happened, from the poison (…) to the first sentence, the expulsion of the German, Polish and Swedish ambassadors decided by Russia today,” said a French Franco-German security guard with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President at the end of the Council.

Update 17.50 European Foreign Minister Joseph Borel on Friday “strongly condemned” Russia’s decision to expel three European diplomats.

Borel is visiting Moscow, calling for a “re-evaluation” of the decision. AcerPress.

“During a meeting with (Russian Foreign Minister) Sergei Lavrov, Joseph Borel learned that three European diplomats would be expelled from Russia. .

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Initial message

Ambassadors of the three countries were summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday, where they were informed of the decision regarding the ambassadors.

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“According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations on April 18, 1961, ambassadors involved in illegal activities were notified. persona non grata. They were ordered to leave the territory of the Russian Federation as soon as possible, “said a statement from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“In the future, the Russian side expects the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Sweden, the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany and their staff to comply strictly with international law,” the statement said.

Sweden denies Moscow allegations

Sweden’s foreign ministry announced on Friday that one of its diplomats had been expelled from Russia.

“We reject Russia’s claim that the diplomat took part in the protest,” a Swedish foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by Reuters. AcerPress.

Russian police on Sunday arrested more than 3,800 people and blocked the center of several cities, including the capital, during new protests in several cities across the country.

In another opposition stronghold, St. Petersburg, 3,000 people gathered in a city square to disperse rioters. Demonstrations also took place in Vladivostok and Novosibirsk. Russian officials say they have not recognized the protests.

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