What happened? Maria Celesta Araras enters the operating room in an emergency

Followers of the famous Puerto Rican journalist Maria Celesti ArarusAfter becoming a former Telemundo news anchor, she was very concerned “Red Hot”, She revealed on her Instagram stories that she rushed to the operating room to perform a last-minute operation.

“On my way to unscheduled surgery!” The message he wrote on his Instagram stories of Arraras, in which he can be seen lying on a stretcher in a hospital room, completely ready to enter the operating room. The release sparked endless concern and alarm from his fans who have followed his career for years. You will wipe on television.

However, above all the netizens’ comments and questions, Heavenly Mary He broke his silence and admitted what happened. “I am recovering from an unexpected operation to remove my appendix. I’m fine because it was diagnosed on time and that’s why there are no complications. Thanks for the greetings” wrote

In other photos on her Instagram account, she can be seen in the recovery room with a big smile and an expression that made the crowd even more hushed. His television colleagues also expressed great support for the Puerto Rican’s speedy recovery.

Lili Estefan, Rashel Díaz, Eglantina Zingg, Lourdes Stephen, Rodner Figueroa, Jackie Guerrido, Charytin Goyco, Aylin Mujica, Daisy Fuentes, Gloria Estefan, and others They sent their messages to the host Cnn in Spanish.

You will wipe has earned the respect of Hispanic Television In America, As one of the most respected and professional people that led to her winning several awards such as Hispanic Woman of the Year and three Emmy Awards.

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