What does it take for Max Verstappen to become champion in Saudi Arabia?

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The boom you enjoyed Lewis Hamilton Of the last two races he has won, December 5th in Saudi Arabia, the last day of the season on December 5th, would not be of much use if several factors were combined. Formula 1, Where Max Verstappen has the mathematical potential to be crowned.

Although this may seem like a complex ‘a priori’, the numbers indicate it Verstappen may become champion At the new Jetta Street circuit, thank you He has 351.5 points, eight more than the seven-time F1 champion.

To become champions on the next date, the Dutch driver must think about finishing first or second, and the rest depends on what Hamilton can do.


  • If Verstappen finishes first and picks up the fast lap: Hamilton should be sixth or behind.
  • If Verstapen is in the first place without fast lap: Hamilton should be seventh or behind.
  • If Verstappen takes second place, he takes the fastest lap: Hamilton must be 10th or backward.
  • If Verstappen is in second place on the fast lap: Hamilton will not score.

Verstappen without opportunities?

The dominance shown Lewis Hamilton For the last two days he has been bringing Michael’s brother Ralph Schumacher Max Verstappen He has no chance of winning a driving title this season.

“Mercedes has the best car right now. Max gives his all and shows how good he is. However, under normal circumstances, you have no chance“, Said Schumacher Sky Sports.

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