What do we know about him till date?

The HomePod family of products is quite different. Apple released a first major model, then backed off and was a space orphan for a long time. Until the introduction of the second generation of its big brother, the HomePod line consisted only of the HomePod Mini. However, What about the second generation of HomePod Mini? In this post we review the rumors known so far.

It is positioned as an affordable device to compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot and Google’s Nest. And it’s surprising how poor its sound quality is. However, it will debut in 2021 and till date Apple has not taken any steps to deliver the new generation. At least officially.

Release dates

English speaking portal Macroomers At that point, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman takes a look at some of the reports he made in his day. And, they explain, “he was the first to insist that Apple was working on a second-generation HomePod Mini.” In August 2022«.

But Gurman is not the only voice. Another famous researcher, Ming-Chi Guo, also appears on the scene. And, from the same media, they explain, “He said that Apple will begin mass shipments of the second generation of the HomePod Mini. Second half of 2024«.

And according to Ming-Chi Guo, they explain that “Apple is working on an upgraded version of the HomePod that will have a 7-inch screen.” The new device is expected to arrive early this year. Why is this device important to the HomePod Mini? Well, because they also say it’s “possible” that Apple will launch a second-generation HomePod Mini with a screen alongside this new HomePod, which will be considered the third generation.

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New improvements to HomePod Mini 2

“The second-generation HomePod mini has lower latency, better speakers and microphones, and Chip S7, S8, S9 or S10«. They also note that by incorporating the Wi-Fi 6E protocol, improvements can be made to the wireless Internet network connectivity system.

HomePod Mini and iPhone

Currently, they explain that the HomePod Mini powers the S5 chip in the Apple Watch Series 5. Also, 2023’s new larger HomePod model packs the S7 processor inside, which is now in the Apple Watch Series 7. Apple is unlikely to use its latest-generation S chips in the second generation of the HomePod Mini. As Apple has improved its processors, they have become more powerful and more capable.

As for the exterior design, they reveal that it might be available in new and updated colors. However, these are not described in detail.

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