What are the best sleeping positions?

The importance of deep sleep is so great that extensive and continuous research has been conducted on dreams in general and sleeping positions in particular. However, everything also depends on the file Types of marital relations

But despite the interest in the role of dreams in people’s lives, as indicated by it I love my sensesAlmost all studies of sleep positions focus on a single individual. So today we’ll focus on the different ways to sleep as a couple and the effects of doing so one way or the other.

Effects and benefits of sleeping with a partner according to science

Sleeping with your partner (or your soulmate, if you prefer) has many repercussions on the quality of your sleep and on your own relationship.

The first one has to do with the fact that you feel loved and emotionally stable.

According to our doctors, “Feeling secure in a relationship, experiencing attachment style, that is, the usual patterns of expressing and demanding love in intimate relationships, as well as marital satisfaction are known to affect the quality of each individual’s sleep.”

We will say that the type of relationship you have with your partner will influence whether you sleep better or worse; This is the mystery of nature that science is still trying to solve.

Thus, according to research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Psychiatry, “marital problems and sleep problems coexist,” and treatment of abnormalities or illnesses such as apnea “was found to be associated with improvements in global marital satisfaction, reduced marital conflict, and improved sleep time.”

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Sleeping positions as a couple

Here there are tastes and colors as in all walks of life.

Since our goal is to have quality sleep that ensures your health, today we will put aside the impossible and unreasonable scenarios and focus on those that are beneficial for your quality of life.

small spoon

This position is one of the lovers’ favorite things because it is totally relaxing and keeps you in constant touch with the other person.

As its name suggests, sleeping in the spoon position is like placing two tablespoons inside each other while eating; It consists in taking the position of the fetus during agglutination so that all (or all) of the body is in contact.

Light version of La Cucharita

It is about sleeping with the spoon but without turning: in the fetal position but a few centimeters away. The person who advances in front of the first places his hand over his ear to indicate his proximity.

This position for sleeping with your partner is still very romantic but allows for more air, something that everyone appreciates in summer.

sleeping face to face

This will undoubtedly be your preferred position at night if you and the other person want to sleep next to each other.

One of the most comfortable positions for sleeping as a couple without losing emotional connection is when one is on your right side and the other is on your left side facing each other, an ideal distance to hold hands or brush with your feet.

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I hugged him

Embrace, they lie next to each other. This is your sleeping position if you are someone who loves to pamper themselves and doesn’t want to be separated for even a second. We think it is necessary to convey the fact that this is not a very healthy situation. The likelihood of waking up with a crooked or asleep arm is very high.

Our recommendation is that you cuddle first and then sleep in the most comfortable way for people who want to sleep. Your back and neck will thank you.

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