Weapons seized in Operation Discovery are linked to criminal activity; The trial was adjourned to Friday

One of the perpetrators of the cybercrime network removed by Operation Discovery was linked to an assassination attempt in which they used weapons seized from him during a March 2 raid, the public ministry said today.

Following his withdrawal from the inquiry following the public ministry’s coercive action this Wednesday, trial lawyer Claudio Cartero said the agency had the results of a ballistic investigation linking accused Sucre Rafael Rodríguez Ortiz to the crime.

Corteiro said the results of a study conducted by scientific police on firearms, including firearms seized during the raid, tested positive in favor of the assassination attempt.

Against Rodríguez Ortiz and 38 other defendants, more than 350 binding evidence has been compiled, placing him at the center of a mafia structure that has seized the millionaire’s economic resources through fraud, extortion, extortion and intimidation of American citizens.

The State Department reiterated that it was a structure operating under a program of secret call centers in which the victims, mainly U.S. citizens under the age of 96, lost their lives to stress and psychological terrorism, intimidation, extortion and fraud. Substantial economic resources.

This Wednesday, Judge Yiperti Polanco of the Judicial Office of Permanent Focus Services adjourned the hearing to next Friday.


In addition to Rodríguez Ortiz (Darimán or Dari), the Ministry of Public Administration, José Eliezer Rodríguez Ortiz, Jhonatan Francisco Vásquez Ventura, Máximo Miguel Mena Peña (Max), Joséuillestezuna (Max), and Emmanuel Castro are on the block against Emperor Castro’s. , Mayobanex Braulio Rafael Rodríguez Fernández (Mayo), Angel Rafael Peralta Guzmán (Alikate) and Anabel Adames.

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Genaro Antonio Hernandez Caba (Moreno K5), Pablo Miguel Balbuna (Miguel Ordiz and / or La Valvla), David Antonio Guzmn Javier, Winston Rafael Batista Britto, Jean Carlos Rosa Vargas Villa, , Salim Bautista Santa, Cedrik Sánchez Rodríguez, Carlos Daladier Silver, Ramon Tomás Camacho Tejada, Véctor Manuel, Rubél Manz,

Also charged were Jonathan Yoelfri Peña Martínez, José Estévez Then and / or Joel Estévez Mena, Willys Mena, Augusto Fermín Jáquez and / or Augusto Fermín Rodríguez Jáquez, Félix Manuel Jorge Muñoz, Juan Carloso Góz. o Bonifacio Daniel Estévez Irrizari and Linda Pierz.

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