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A few hours after their arrival in the country, representatives of 15 member states UN They met with President Gustavo Pedro at the Casa de Narino.

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A few minutes ago, the organization's visit to Colombia officially began, with a meeting with representatives of the government, aimed at reviewing progress in the implementation of the peace agreement. and learn first-hand how negotiation processes are going with self-proclaimed 'central civil servants' of the ELN and FARC.

The plenary session of the United Nations Security Council arrived in Bogota this Wednesday.


UN in Colombia

Topics of discussion at the meeting were reintegration of militants, progress in rural reform and agreement to implement ethnic chapter.

Delegates from Guyana are Caroline Rodriguez Burgess; Pascale Baeriswyl from Switzerland; and Dame Barbara from the United Kingdom were in charge of briefing the media.

The Council celebrates the signing and extension of the ceasefire reached with the ELN. We also support negotiation efforts between the government and the 'central public servants'.We hope to be aware of the process and mandate for verification,” said Switzerland's representative.

President Pedro, for his part, reviewed progress in land acquisition and regularization for rural reform. In that regard, he questioned the previous administrations and said that though his government had made progress, the target was still far away.

“According to the Comptroller's Office, the balance of investments in the regions is 80 billion pesos. But I don't see any change in that investment or territory”He spoke about the third point of the agreement.

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President Pedro also mentioned the possibility of granting political status to the Gulf clan in the eventual negotiations and whether they would seek to sit at the table with the group. “The Law of Paramilitarism (Justice and Peace) can be used, but we don't have approaches right now.”

United Nations Security Council

Guyana's representative is Caroline Rodriguez Burgess.


Sergio Acero Yate / El Tiempo

What's next on the Security Council agenda?

In addition to their meeting with the President, during their stay in Bogotá, they will speak with representatives of civil society, peace signatories, members of Congress from all political spectrums, the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and those responsible for its implementation. 2016 Peace Accord.

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Likewise, they are expected to hold private meetings with government representatives at negotiating tables with the ELN and dissidents. This Thursday afternoon will feature both a meeting with the Transitional Court and negotiating delegations.

Council members will leave for Florence, Caqueta this Friday. In the region they will visit the Training and Reintegration Center (ETCR) and several production projects for ex-combatants. On Saturday, during their last day in Colombia, they will travel to Buenaventura and then to Cartagena, where they will conclude their visit with a press conference.

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