We know this from his presentation; Can you cancel?

Although Comments made by Yahritza and his essence about Mexican food And they were severely criticized, expected to be brothers within a few days Martínez performs at the first edition of Array Festival at CDMX.

The Are Festival will take place on September 9th and 10th at Foro Sol in Mexico City Various groups and singers from the Mexican region will give a show to all their fans, Yahritza and his Essence are expected to give a concert, but there are doubts whether the group will perform after the controversy they have unleashed. Here we tell you everything we know about his possible presentation at the event.

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Did Yahritza and his Essence drop Arey Festival from their upcoming concerts?

A few weeks after the controversy erupted, some people realized that the date they were given at the Arre Festival no longer appeared on the Yahritza y su Esencia page, in the Tour section.

It brought attention back As it was confirmed that brothers Yahritsa, Jairo and Mando would have canceled their performance at the festival, It will be on Sunday, September 10, because they don’t want to get bad treatment and poses from the public.

Yahritza y su Esencia confirms concerts in Mexico including Festival Array

A few days ago, Yahritsa and her Essence shared their upcoming concerts on their social networks, Some of them They give in Mexico like Monterrey or Guadalajara, But the Are festival is also included.

In their release the Martinez brothers received a lot of criticism as they asked them not to come to Mexico, thereby confirming that they had not canceled their participation in the Arre ceremony.

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When will Yahritsa and her Essence Array be presented in ceremony?

On the second day of the Array festival, Yahritsa and her Essence appear at the event. The group will present their concert on the main stage called La Hacienda.

The Martinez brothers will start Your presentation will end at 6:50pm, approximately 7:35pm.

For now, it seems that the group will perform at the festival, however, Yahritsa and his Essence may change their mind and cancel their presentation at any time.


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