Photos: Luis Miguel with Argentina presenter in some unpublished photos

The photos were taken on the beaches of Agapulko almost 30 years ago, when the artist was at the forefront of recording material for his hit album Aries.

Louis Miguel has given a lot to talk about in recent days, and the singer is best known for celebrating a successful series that describes his life and his artistic career. He surprised his fans by making his debut on Dictok, By video of the song “Until You Forget Me”.

With the boot The second season of Louis Miguel, the series, many details have come to light For fans of the singer, until the moment of the emission of the episodes, they are a barrier because the sun of Mexico never reveals them.

But the biggest surprise surrounding the life of Louis Miguel, thanks to Argentine presenter Mariana Fabiani, left everyone “speechless” by posting unpublished photos with the artist on their social networks.

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Fabiani released screen shots of the video in which he appears with Louis Miguel. Illustrative and non-commercial image / / p / COG6OOFHbPL /

Fabiani is in Argentina who was selected as part of a video clip of one of Louis Miguel’s most successful songs from the Aries album. The footage was taken in 1993 off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico.

At the time, the current host was a young man who had traveled from his hometown to the Aztec country to meet the artist and share some romantic scenes with him during the video for the song “Swave”.

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Fabiani took part in the video clip, and two Argentines and a Spanish woman, who were close to Louis Miguel for the first time, 48 hours after the start of the recording day, he defined it some time ago: “Danger scenes” because they were where the Rambo movie was made, but they were ” The leeches got stuck “came out.

Embraces the Argentine artist. Illustrative and non-commercial image / / p / COG6OOFHbPL /

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In the photos shared by the editor, Louis Miguel is seen in a very romantic way with Argentina, all of which were on the occasion of the video clip, which was also in the pictures released by Mariana.

The reason for its content is to follow the path of the El Sol de Mexico biography series because it wrote: “The #Louismi fan system was implemented”, which undoubtedly led to a recollection of his experience with the artist.

More unpublished photos. Illustrative and non-commercial image / / p / COG6OOFHbPL /

Although the text that came with the photos did not coincide with the song in which Mariana appears, it signifies another success of the singer: “Do not criticize the night” he wrote in a series of pictures, where he can be seen hugging Louise Miguel.

He added: “Where there was a clip, there are photos from the back,” as well as referring to the singer’s official Instagram account. Within 24 hours, this release has more than 47,000 hearts.

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