“We dedicate this achievement to all Latin people”

Urban singer Alpha, Getting ready to go to his historic concert tonight Madison Square Garden Shared a post with the Dominican flag from New York City.

The translator of “Sue” dedicated his concert to all Latin languages. “We dedicate this achievement to all the Latin people of the world !!! I love you God it happened Thank you #Pabitodios” “Wrote Urban, and immediately received hundreds of support messages.

The show is announced on Friday 22nd October at 8:00 pm.

Yesterday, Pachadero praised the life of Romeo Santos El Alpha, who is at his peak and is on a concert tour of the United States.

“Whether you like the tempo or not, if you like this artist, or you’re one of the thousands of fans who sculpt him – understand that tomorrow @Elalfaeljefe will not do just one more concert – c0% # $ to set a precedent for this singer on the world’s most popular stage (MSG). So, if you are a Dominican you should be proud of its achievement because this is another point of the Dominican Republic.My respect to all the far-sighted viewers who predict and plan their own destiny.

Daddy thanked the famous tempo translator gesture for collaborating with artists like Yankee, Cardi B, Taiga, Farooq.

Thanks Master. From this achievement Dominican Republic and all the Latin people of the world, God controls my life and my career. The title of “King of Pachatta”.

The likes of Mozart La Para, Roche RD, Fefita La Grnde, Fernando Villalona, ​​Bolivar Valera, Santiago Mathias congratulated the city on their success.

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This time he is making the tour “The Legend of the Tempo” According to a press release, 17 concerts will be held in various cities in the United States and Latin America for the remainder of 2021.

Translator of “Truck Band” Madison Square Garden announced that Merrengo player Fernando Villalona and Temposero El Cherry Scam will also be guests.

El Alpha’s world tour will be extended to other cities such as Boston, Miami, San Diego, Denver, Las Vegas, Mexico City, and Puerto Rico.

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