“We are not friends”, Plutarcho Hasa reveals his current relationship with Ludvica Baletta

Talking about the most difficult thing he faced as a father, the actor said: “Divorce is hard, but I experienced it first as a son, the hardest thing for me as a son, my parents got divorced, that was the first strong blow in my life, and I Helped when I got divorced, I was very careful with my son, he had a therapist and we were always looking for him.

“Talking to him a lot, now we have a great relationship. Thanks for that job, obviously it’s always been painful, it’s always hard, but I think it turned out to be the best because you see him. He’s a super guy, he’s very aware of both. I think it’s useful because we know it will be painful, “he said. Plutarch.

For Plutarch and Ludwig, the most important thing is to team up when their son Nicholas needs them, but they are not friends.

About the relationship with him Lewis, Haas “Everyone lives his or her life, we are not friends, we never make friends, we are very different, everyone takes different paths, but when a problem arises we form a team to help NicholasShe always knew she was counting on me, I knew I was counting on her, so it was necessary.

“We are partners in this project and are invited to this company Nicholas, It’s very clear to us, we do not need it yet, there are times when couples become friends later, it does not happen to us, but we do not need it, I think she has many friends, I have many friends, “he added. Plutarch.

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