Princes William and Harry work together again

London (CNN) – It is very unusual to see princes William and Harry in the same place, let alone an event they organized together. But this Thursday, we find ourselves at the opening ceremony Statue of Diana, Princess of Wales. Both were closely involved in the design of the long-awaited work of art and the redesign of the Chungan Garden surrounding it.

According to him Kensington PalaceIt was one of Diana’s “favorite places” and a place where young princes played in their childhood. The shock and nostalgia of this moment went unnoticed by anyone.

For the first time since leaving Harry Kensington Palace to build his own home with Megan, the brothers released a joint statement: “Today, we remember what our mother’s 60th birthday will be, her love, strength and character. A force for good in the world, making countless lives better.

“We wish he was with us every day. It is our hope that this statue will always be seen as a symbol of his life and his heritage.”

Prince William, left, and Prince Harry arrive to unveil the statue of their mother, Princess Diana, in the customs garden of Kensington Palace.

Remembering and remembering their mother and the impact she made on the community is an incredibly important task for siblings. By engaging in conversation and with a wide smile they knew that everyone was going to see how they communicated and set the tone of the event. They seemed to be quiet before laughing and joking with family and guests at the small ceremony, lovingly greeting Lady Sarah McCordail and Lady Jane Fellows.

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In moments, it felt like it had always been: the brothers were giving shoulder to shoulder and firmly focused on one goal. Harry seemed a little more relaxed than his brother, making some jokes and gestures to the guests and engaging in some light conversations.

But that too was the same as in the old days… Harry the Joker, facing William’s king-waiting position.

The artwork was jointly commissioned by sculptor Ian Rank-Bradley in 2017 and should “reflect the Princess’ warmth, elegance and energy, as well as her work and the impact she has had on many,” Kensington Palace said.

The statue is surrounded by three minors Diana, who “represent the global and generational impact of the princess’ work, and the brothers chose the image of their mother” based on the latter part of her life, an ambassador for humanitarian reasons when she gained confidence in her role “.

At the family event the princes warmly welcomed their aunts Lady Sarah McCormack and Lady Jane Fellows.

In a less important but more dancing act, the brothers each took a corner of the cloth covering the statue and exposed their immortal mother in bronze. They looked at each other and were clearly happy with how everything had changed.

The princes worked together on all aspects of the project, and their teams seemed to coordinate the media preparations for the opening, both getting what they wanted.

However, those are issues They have divided the brethren They are still there. Thursday’s event will not magically solve the challenges they share or the fact that they areNow on different roads. But it felt like an intimacy for the two brothers. They have grown up individually, but are able to work together professionally for common causes, and the only thing that always unites separated siblings is to keep alive their mother’s exceptional traditions.

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