Remove restrictions on sports and entertainment events

Sports and Recreation Department (DRT) Secretary Ray Quinones Vasquez announced Saturday that he will lift restrictions and restrictions on health activities against COVID-19 at sports and recreational events in Puerto Rico.

“The celebration of all sports and recreational activities is recognized, which is without any restriction or restriction on health activities. Similarly, restrictions on the ability of the public in sports and recreational facilities are removed,” Quinones Vasquez said in a statement.

The official pointed out that after consultation with the health department, the DRT will determine the rules applicable to sports and recreational activities on the island until July 5.

However, Guinos Vasquez said, “If there are other guidelines for the Department of Health, the above rules do not apply and they prevail.”

Similarly, it was explained that participants and those involved in the organization of any sports or recreational event must present evidence for a completed vaccination.

In the meantime, in cases with more than 500 individuals, proof of a completed vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test will be required. When children under the age of two and 11 are not physically active, it is not necessary to use the mask for those who have been fully vaccinated, the statement said.

In addition, these minorities must present evidence of a negative test administered at least 72 hours prior to the event.

“The responsibility for ensuring compliance with this guideline rests with the organizer of the sports organization or association, club or sport or entertainment event,” said Quinos Vasquez.

“I believe in ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all our athletes and athletes with faithful compliance with these guidelines and the cooperation of our entire sports community,” he said.

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