“Dragon Man”, Chinese scientists present a new human race

Harbin, China /

Too much Oh Man excavationn is the name given by scientists Skull Found in Harbin, Northeast China, Previous dates 146 thousand years It may be the closest man to humans until now Neanderthal. This invention Will change Absolutely Concept Evolution Source From Our species To this day we know.

The Skull Harbin has a strange Story, It was Found Ann 1930 When Building A bridge in the province HeilongjiangHowever, it was escondido A Water well To protect him from the Japanese army. According to China Daily The skull went Generation after generation Up inside 2018 The grandson of the man who allegedly hid him 85 years ago decided To provide Fossil to Ji Qiang, Author paleontology From Hebe University Geo.

“With large eye sockets, wide nose, eyebrows and lower rib cage, but with flat and soft cheekbones.”, Is how they describe it. According to Qiang, the skull retains details and morphological features Ancient characters And common archaic, but a Brain Similar Modern humans.

It is difficult for scientists to pinpoint the lineage, however, it is believed to be the skull Added Still Man Age 50, who lived in a town Hunter With winter temperatures. This indicates that he is great Ability From Adaptation It could spread across Asia.

So far, studies show that one can talk about The third generation of humans With Neanderthals and Homo sapiens. Chris Stringer, says co-author of the research “It establishes the third human race in East Asia with its own evolutionary history and shows how important the region is to human evolution. “.

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