Watch the video of Alejandro Fernandez causing a stir with his leather pants!

Photos and videos of “Fool” are going viral because of a detail that cannot escape the prying eyes of ever-searching netizens.

By S. Lopez
June 05, 2024- 15:46

This is not the first time that Alejandro Fernandez has worn leather pants, although this is the first time that the outfit has caused so much controversy, while the fit has created a stir among his fans.

For this reason, photos and videos of the cub went viral on the internet. In fact, the controversy over his tight leather band reached US media like TMZ.

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The “If You Knew” singer appeared at the La Onda Music Festival in Napa Valley last weekend, never imagining her outfit would cause such a stir.

The “cub” adopts the appearance of its father.

This is how a fan decided to immortalize the singer's best performance on stage on his TikTok account. Little did he imagine that the prying eyes of ever-searching Internet users would focus on the singer's attributes.

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With over 2 million views, the TikTok video has hilarious reactions from fans. “It's tighter than my financial situation ha, ha, ha”, “After this…how will I forget you ha, ha, ha”, “Who else zoomed in?”, and “Comments are entitled to see if they saw the same thing. I ha, ha, ha”,

Aside from the buzz, Alejandro decided to post a message for his audience. “Pure feeling remembering the old man at the La Onda Festival. Thanks to my cool folks from Napa for such a cool afternoon. Next time friends from California.”

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