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If we see the list of the most consumed and preferred drinks, new players enter the picture. It is also among my favorites Pescano, For Loco, Flor de Cana and Pilsen Trujillo. Among those who consume the most, Three crosses Gets 3% of signals

Find out in the diary why you drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. (Image: Pixabay)

We are a beer country and this is reflected in the study results,” says Jorge Rubinos, commercial director of consulting firm Arellano. In fact, the status achieved by the brands, he explains, is linked to the fact that breweries have begun to operate more aggressively in consumer spaces such as, for example, “Paw Thursdays” or “Friend’s Day”.

Meanwhile, in the case of piscos or so-called spirits, they have launched “ready-to-drink” drinks, Robinos adds. “I expected them to be more memorable, but it feels more like a brand, and the wine almost doesn't show up. I think that in the case of wine, even though we have a lot of local production and wine production, we are not working enough to develop a greater positioning or consumption today.“, he maintains.

As the consulting company explains, wine is not a category that has shapes like cans or six-packs like beer, which is a thing spirits Yes, they explored. “AndThe wine did not find its formula with accessible products, which is why it was not on the show. Moments of wine consumption are for celebrating or enjoying a meal, they can be located in other places of consumption, and this lack of location makes them less memorable. We have considered wine elite in many cases. The expert confirms.

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Pescano drinks are among the most remembered among the drinks

Pescano drinks are among the most remembered among the “ready to drink” beverages. (Image: Spread).

In the meantime, exist Tres Cruces, a Heineken Peruvian brand, which has been refurbished since its purchase from the AJE Group. “Tres Cruces' work is already becoming more noticeable, and it seems to me that what it does to become known and consumed is redeemable. It has gained space for the consumer, this is the gateway and he has to keep climbing the positions to improve it consumptionAnd it reflects.

Are they also the brands that you would recommend the most and that you would miss if they disappeared? According to the report, Tabernero Cusqueña Johnny Walker, Pilsen and Queirolo are the brands that consumers recommend the most. Tres Cruces is a brand that has yet to achieve a higher recommendation rate.

While Cusqueña, Johny Walker and Pilsen are the brands that would be missed the most if they disappeared.

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