Was Shakira abused by PQ’s mother? Restore the controversial video

LSeparation between Shakira And Piqué is already half an age but still Rags come out in the sun What happens in their relationship.

And recently an old video is going viral on social mediaA former footballer’s mother gestures to her ex-daughter-in-law, that is enough Criticized.

Did Biku’s mother mistreat Shakira?

Although it has been said for a long time that the mother-in-law relationship of the interpreter of “Monotonia” was very good, in a video updated on networks by Shakira’s fans, it was appreciated. A merciless moment from the Montserrat Bernabéu With the artist.

The two can be seen in the video talking next to Piqué, and at one point in the speech, Her ex-mother-in-law presses Shakira’s left cheek Then he makes a sI want you to be quiet.

You can’t see Shakira’s reaction Because he had his back to the camera recording the event, but It doesn’t sound like a friendly conversationBecause the Monserrat Bernabéu is fussing with hands and His face didn’t show that he was joking.

As this happens, Piqué doesn’t even notice what’s going on, and speaks to a man on the scene.

Biku’s mother doesn’t want to see Shakira’s witch

Shakira placed a black witch mannequin on the terrace of her home in Barcelona, ​​which directly overlooks her former in-laws’ home. A situation that worries the Montserrat Bernabeu very much.

They pointed out that on the Más Vale Tarde (MVT) show in Spain, journalist Marc Lirado Millan had hinted that Piguet’s mother would also be present. Shakira talked one of his workers into turning it around Stop looking straight at the witch and her house.

Despite this, the media pointed out that the singer continued to put the witch in the same position.

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