Was Livia Brito insulted by Nirka? After the approach with the press

Livia Brito Has received a “scratch” from New York The actress of La Desalmada is the one who recently thought about the past scandal that she played on a Quintana Roe beach against a paparazzi in 2020.

The “TV actressLivia Brito, Which would create dissatisfaction with his attitude, and they say that Nirga Marcos would have sent him a strong warning with some insults.

The “Ex-wife of Juan Osorio“Suggests Livia BritoHe recalled his debut at Trionfo del Amore in 2010, saying, “If you don’t want to be seen by the press saying“ don’t leave your house ”, everything doesn’t stop there.

If you do not want to be photographed, or you do not want to be paparazzi, or you do not want to see, do not go out, eat at home, create resources, “Aventra” actress advised refuge.

Livia Brito will be humiliated by Nietzsche after La Desalmada’s approach to the press. Photo: Instagram capture

“Was Waller M $% &”

Nர்கrga Marcos himself was approached by the media, and after being questioned about the controversy, he did not stop advising his “country girl” on his style, and began strong “insults”

But I think this is a big problem, in which “Byzantine”, because you live dependent on advertising, and if you annoy the press, it will not fight you, if they veto you, you are worth pure m # $%, and “Cuban” strongly commented .

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Currently, the original Chico de Avila, Cuba, Livia Brito Pestana and his partner Mariano Martinez face the case of Paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda.

Nuerka Marcos did not hesitate to warn Social media celebrities, Brito Pestana, who has so far won sites like Tic Tac Toe and Instagram with 6.5 million subscribers, the media can “ignore” his career.

Recently star protagonist in melodramas such as “Italian Girl Coming to Marry” (2014-2015), “I Love You, I Love You” (2013-2014) and “Yolanda Catena”Pilot“In two seasons (2017-2018) he again issued controversial statements.

Born July 25, 1986, Livia Brito Pestana reiterated her position on the press.

More provider “Dancing for a dreamThe actor, who has starred in plays such as “El Cortero” and Mexican film productions such as “La Dictadora Perfecta”, recently pointed out that he does not want to be caught by the press without permission.

It should be noted that so far, the daughter of actor Rolando Brito and ballet dancer Gertrude Pestana has not been able to make deals to resolve the legal situation facing her today after the lawsuit filed by photographer Ernesto Zepeda. Quintana Beach, last July 2020.

In the case he faces today by photographer Ernesto Zepeda

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