Angela Aguilar welcomes spring with a colorful look. Topless ?: Photo

Angela Aguilar One of the young singers earning more and more Fame, And on social networks and platforms he has shown his amazing talent that he has inherited from a great family artist like his father Pepe Aguilar.

In addition, he has a gorgeous figure compared to his grandmother Flo Sylvestre, whom he loves so much and has dedicated some of his greatest successes.

Although the voice is one of her best talents, she has a taste for the fashion that the young lady has shown with a look in each of her releases Dangerous And young people he was able to manage a course.

This time the young promise of music greeted the spring with a colorful and imaginative look, with which he did not look like before, because to him you might think he was. Topcoat His shoulders are fully exposed in the photo.

Angela Aguilar welcomes spring. Photo: Instagram

Angela Aguilar has not forgotten the Mexican touch

Despite his young age, Angela Aguilar He has shown his taste not only for the Mexican regional genre, but also for the colorful details that characterize his country and enhance its culture.

The colorful and embroidered dresses in Mexican designs are just a few of the things he has occupied for his concerts, in addition to her taste in horses, something she shares with her father and her famous grandparents, Wild flower And Antonio Aguilar.

He showed it with his last photo because in it he can be seen in an orange color showing it as spring, but in his hair details showing a Mexican touch in red and yellow flowers.

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Celebrate Happy Spring Day with flowers, colors and good energy. This change of season will fill you with love, new opportunities and the courage to forget and forgive all that has happened to you. I always carry my little angels in my heart ??, the singer wrote.


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