A gap of 2 million is required

Kanye West He finds himself in the middle of a legal battle with his former business partners interval They filed a $2 million lawsuit against him. The lawsuit brought by Art City Center, The Gap Inc. It alleges breach of contract, and court documents obtained. radaronline.com Light on the details.

Art City CenterSays a business that owns a building on 6th Street in Los Angeles interval It signed a one-year lease from April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 for the facility. The lease was later extended. In 2022.

As requested, interval Agreed to pay $104,666.67 in monthly rent and an additional $8,333 per month for parking costs. The agreement expressly prohibited any unauthorized alterations to the building.

however, Art City Center Alleging that interval It made several unauthorized changes to the facility, leaving it unrestored to its original state.

As of September 2022, Art City Center He claims he owes $822,000 in damages, which he continues to receive at a rate of $164,000 per month. They are seeking additional compensation, bringing the total claim to $1.5 million.

The company has denied the allegations of wrongdoing.

The lawsuit was filed around the same time Kanye West ended his relationship interval, citing the company’s breach of its obligations. In response to the request Art City Centre, The Cape It has denied all allegations of wrongdoing, saying “supervising legal requirements” prevented it from executing the lease in accordance with its terms.

interval Now the opposite is the case Kanye West Privately, he said that they have partnered with him to create new clothing design lines in June 2020. The company claims Kanye breached their contract and made changes to the building without their approval.

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These changes are said to require repair and restoration interval Demand $2 million in damages Kanye.

henceforth, Kanye West It has yet to respond to requests, pending a legal dispute. The outcome of the case will determine the financial implications for both parties involved, shedding light on the responsibilities and consequences of your business relationship.

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