Warren Buffett’s right-hand man describes Bitcoin as “disgusting” and bad for civilization


May 2, 2021 07:40 GMT

Berkshire Hathaway Vice President claimed that the cryptocurrency was “built from scratch” and is the ideal payment method for criminals.

Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway Vice President and one of Warren Buffet’s main partners in that partnership, admitted Saturday during a question-and-answer session that, in his view, “the whole damned development.” [del bitcóin] It is disgusting and goes against the interests of civilization. “

“Of course I hate the success of Bitcoin,” said Munger, who is seen by many as a visionary in the investment world. He said, “I do not agree with a currency that is very useful for kidnappers and extortionists,” noting that the popular cryptocurrency “was created out of thin air.”

Warren Buffett, who was right next door to Munger and who previously described the cryptocurrency as “Mouse poisonHe preferred to sidestep the investor’s question that challenged both of them due to their known doubts about Bitcoin.

“We would likely have hundreds of thousands of people who own Bitcoin and watch this, and maybe two people who don’t. So we have the option of making 400,000 people feel crazy and sad about us, or making two people happy, and that’s a ridiculous equation,” Buffett said.

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