Warns of scams at Walmart

Last year to date, more than 161,000 debit and credit cards in the U.S. have been affected by theft or fraud.In this sense, according to the FICO report, from 2022, card theft at points of sale and ATMs will increase by 368%.

The truth is that there have been many investigations into this and the reports reveal what is happening. Criminals often place skimmers on cash registers and cashiers.

Basically, skimmers can read debit and credit cards to steal data or PINs. That is why the authorities are very concerned and recommend to be careful when paying in stores and retail chains.

In fact, card skimmers were found at many Walmart locations. But one thing is undeniable, criminals who place these devices in strategic locations are usually faster and more trained.

Likewise, they know exactly how to adjust them so that it blends perfectly with the existing hardware. This is confirmed by bank statements.

What do experts recommend?

Brad Leonard, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the US Secret Service Miami Field Office, advised users. “Look at your account statements. First there will be a minimum charge to ensure the card works,” he explained.

All of this, before the stolen data was well, “before they actually called her and used it to make a big purchase,” Leonard clarified.

Likewise, before using cards at ATMs or point of sale, you should ensure that the machine is not damaged. Therefore, a card with a chip that does not require insertion for reading should be used.

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