Want to see when and where the North Tarot meteor shower tonight

(CNN) – If you miss the peak Southern Darits Last week, the North Tarot meteor shower glowed this Thursday and Friday.

Tarits bring slow and steady currents from September to December. The peaks are rough and undefined, like some meteor showers like Perseid in August. Earthsky. But the Tarits are occasionally known as the ball of fire, which is a meteor that shines brighter than Venus, the brightest object in the sky.

Northern Dorit meteorites form at a relatively slow rate of five visible meteors per hour.

The northern and southern dormitories have slightly different currents in the sky, but both appear to emerge from the head of the Taurus galaxy, the bull, named after these rains. According to Ertsky, debris from the comet 2P / Encke generates torrential rain from the north and south.

When to see the night sky

From midnight to sunrise is the optimal time to see the northern darits, and they are visible in the northern hemisphere.

Do not bother using the telescope as it will reduce your view of the sky. Naked eyes are the best tool to keep track of these shooting stars. The meteor shower will be from time to time, so plan to grab a lawn chair and sit outside for a while.

To get the best view, try to find a place where there is not much light pollution. The moon will be half full during the peak of the Northern Tarits this year, which is not as optimal as the new moon (when the sky is dark), but you can still see meteors.

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Final forecast for the year

According to the 2021 meteor shower guide, there are only a few more meteor showers this year. Earthsky:

  • November 17: Leonidas
  • Dec. 13-14: Geminites
  • December 22: Urchidas

Residents of North America and Hawaii will see a partial lunar eclipse on November 19 from 1am to 7:06am ET. Old Farmer’s Almanac.

A total solar eclipse on December 4 can be seen in the southern part of the world. Observers in the Falkland Islands, the southern tip of Africa, Antarctica and southeastern Australia will have the best chance of seeing this.

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