Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi’s Apothecic Final Kiss on MasterChef Argentina

Mauro Icardi I took advantage of a permit Galatasaray To participate The Argentine version of MasterChefOffering plan His wife is Wanda Nara (with which Recently reconciled) and Silvina won.

The Argentine striker comes along Jury “Expert Meat” to do German martidegui, Tom’s Petuler And Donato Sandys In an on-air cooking reality show ‘telephone’.


“I chose the intestines with all the ingredients to make the chimichurri, but I have a specialty in my house, which is nutmeg. I like to season the intestines well with this chimichurri, and for me it’s medium, but… when making it at home, the medium point makes the flavor a little stronger, So I’ll overcook it,” advice from Icardi, whom Wanda Nara defined as “the family expert on meats,” come on. Inside

“I love barbecue, I do a lot of barbecue, my father is also a great cook, he was a butcher and he knows a lot of cuts of meat, I learned a lot,” explained the footballer.

No nara, what He received Mauro Icardi with a kiss of comment (“I don’t give him a kiss on the mouth because I leave everything… I mean everything!”).The international striker with Argentina revealed his winning recipe: apple pie.

“Chefs, you don’t have to know so many recipes, that’s fine: I beat Mauro with that cake,” said Wanda.

A passionate farewell to Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi on MasterChef: The Final Kiss

In particular, Wanda Nara’s farewell to MasterChef Icardi: “Thank you so much Mauro for being here, for being with us… I know you do it for me and it makes me very happy that you are with me. Thank you for being here.”

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Icardi bid farewell to Wanda Nara, this time with a kiss on the mouth.

“Don’t do this to me again, next time call your partner. I’m moved!” Wanda Nara said tearfully after Icardi’s kiss.

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