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embassy America Request visa This document is one of the most requested documents by foreign nationals who wish to visit the United States for a variety of reasons, including entry into their country, tourism, study, or work. It is common knowledge that there are different types of visas such as tourism, work and some that can be implemented from the US Embassy in your country, they will provide you with the information you need. For this year, officials at the United States Embassy announced new requirements and new amounts to start the process. Continue reading for more information.

How much does the process of obtaining a work visa cost?

Costs for work visas vary from $2,000 to $11,000, and USCIS fees may be required, depending on the visa type.

In addition, last Monday, March 6, the 60-day deadline granted by USCIS was passed. Well, the cost of processing a green card and getting other forms can go up to $2,225 dollars.

Under the plan, the application fee to process a green card would increase by $1,500, making it unaffordable for some interested in becoming legal residents due to the difficulty of saving.

New requirements for visa to USA 2023

The changes are based on the presentation of the DS-160 form, which is one of the initial procedures when seeking to apply for a B1/B2 tourist visa. This document provides personal data of the applicant such as names, surnames, work data, family members etc. We tell you all the changes:

  • The new requirements will be effective from May 1, 2023.
  • The US Embassy will not accept any half-completed forms.
  • All information on the DS-160 form will be requested.
  • The entire process should be done electronically.
  • The confirmation sheet must be presented at the time of the appointment with the United States Embassy and Visa Service Center.
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New costs for paying visas to the US

Visa applications paid before September 30, 2022 can only be used up to October 1, 2023. The new cost of the visa application process is $160, which may be slightly higher depending on the currency of each country where the process is planned. will be performed.

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