Popular Will announced that Juan Guaidó will be a candidate for the opposition primaries in Venezuela.

Juan Guaidó (REUTERS/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria/File Photo)

A popular choice (VP) announced today on Tuesday Juan Quito He will be their candidate in the presidential elections called by United Platform on October 22. Although it was officially announced a few hours ago, the decision was already taken in August during a meeting of federal functionaries in Karabobo.

“Popular Will, by an absolute majority of all states and an ideological activist group, decided that Juan Quito should be the candidate,” the party’s political coordinator Freddy Superlano announced at a press conference. Through this, they will try to defeat the Nicolás Maduro regime in the presidential election to be held in 2024.

“Guaidó is not in the political campaign, we have to wait for him to hold a press conference to make his candidacy for the primary election official. However, he will be our candidate,” Superlano highlighted.

It is important to remember that in 2019 Guaidó was imposed a disqualification by the Nicolás Maduro regime, which prevents him from running and holding public office until 2038.

Independent organization Network for Protection of Labour, Property and Constitutionof VenezuelaAsked on 25 February National Primary Committee (CNP) Anti-Savistas Guarantees participation “Real Opposition Leaders” The election will be held on October 22.

Freddy Superlano announced that Quito would be the candidate of Voluntad Popular

Through a statement signed by the head of the network, Vincent BritoThe organization tried to take action The ruling party is barred from promoting candidates for its convenienceSomething – if it happens – will allow the regime Nicolás Maduro Intervene in the process and ensure that the chosen one is not the real enemy.

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“The opposition must have candidates who will participate in the primaries Appraised by the Accreditation Commission That certifies the candidate A loyal opposition representative. Otherwise, we are going to find official candidates supported by their votes,” Brito wrote days ago on his Twitter account, which added the group’s message in the past few hours.

“It is imperative that the regulatory authority adopts it forcefully A responsibility to guarantee the participation of genuine opposition leaders. Otherwise, we will conduct an election where the official sector can promote candidates for their convenience and guarantee their election through their electoral machinery,” the letter elaborated.

The CNP announced that the application process for the primary exams will be open in between May 24 and June 23, established in a schedule published on February 15. The final list will be published on the last day.

There are disaffected factions of the Maduro regime in the country and Venezuelans abroad Great expectations This election process will end in 2024 It ended the so-called Bolivarian RevolutionFirst ruler 1999.

That is why many references in the country have called on the community on various occasions to engage in this primary process. “Let’s support this principle that unites all”, The former interim president wrote Juan Quito While on Twitter Henrik Gabriels RadonskyAnother opposition leader pointed out “We Venezuelans want to vote freely and redeem ourselves by fully exercising the right we all have. We want to talk about free, competitive elections in Venezuela..

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