The world map of streaming: Netflix is ​​lord and master

Thanks A map Published in Show bossA map created web With FlixPatrol dataA resource that periodically surveys the most subscribed sites by country We can see streaming sites with more users In every country in the world.

Of course, Netflix takes the top spot with 78 countries And more than 200 million customers worldwide.

The dominance of the American service is particular Notable in Europe, Central and South America and some Asian countries.

Behind Netflix is ​​Canal+ (MyCANAL), which is very popular in many countries on the sub-Saharan African continent. In Africa, Shahid (from United Arab Emirates) and Showmax (South Africa) are the most popular.

Only in fifth place is another introduction: Amazon Prime Video with 5 countries, Canada being the largest.

There are also four US streaming services: HBO Max (79.9 million), Hulu (48 million), Paramount+ (46 million) and Apple TV (40 million). Big audience but no number one in any country in the world.

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