Virgo Horoscope – March 18, 2021 | Virgo horoscope

Today, Thursday, March 18, the Moon in Taurus brings you a lot of sweetness and sensitivity, which helps you a lot to put into practice the empathy and qualities that make you so focused in your daily activities.

Your ability to serve others will be favorable with the high moon of Taurus because it will allow you to further develop your potential for human development.

In the house of love you have the energy of Capricorn, which makes it a little harder for you the way you get along in this house because it joins the course of the virgin analyzing every detail of the situations you experience, the good thing is that the energy moves fast and passes quickly.

In the health home you have the influence of Uranus which manages the nervous system, you need to take good care of this part of your health, practice yoga or toy c, they will help you a lot.

You have Aquarius from work, which gives you original and very creative ideas, which helps to contribute a lot in your workplace, keep in mind that not everyone can understand your advanced mind.

In the couple’s home you fish Pisces has its warmth and romantic energy, which is very beneficial for a stable relationship, and if they are already together a lot of the time it renews the feeling of love that goes off everyday life.

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The house of money Libra manages the outgoing energy, which is very good for manufacturing business, take care not to overdo it with your credit card.

Love: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Friendship: Pisces, Libra and Leo

Labor: Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer.

You have a lot of energy controlling yourself in the field of love, some yoga poses can help you open the wheels that can be blocked in the sexual aspect, a good yoga class may help you.


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