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There is no doubt that virtual assistants like it And Alexa has made our lives easier. Well, at least she didn’t go down without explaining herself first And no one could understand this. The reason? Three-year-old Galician spoke.

The assistant is real There are many languages ​​to use around the world, which is true Galician It is not one of them. Probably because it is similar to Spanish, but Siri has not yet adapted to the language and can not understand the phrases Galician.

This was proven Alexandra Fistius, A resident Curtis His three-year-old daughter Moraima is the one who recorded a major problem . Apparently the woman wanted to date him Tablet And the virtual assistant repeatedSorry I could not understand you, can I help you with something else?”.

Now, this is not the first time Moraima Was talking with Shri. It’s funny to see how the little girl was surprised that the assistant didn’t understand. “Can you help me pick things up“I asked him in Galician, but Shri He responded again and again to the same thing.

Finally, the little girl realizes what is happening and says, “Says.Do you know what I mean in Galician?”, But in the end Sri still does not respond correctly, Mom laughs while recording the video. More viewed than video 128 thousand times According to , Although it’s fun, it presents a big problem for the virtual assistant, which is not yet Galician in its system.

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