Is Kerwin Ariaga coming back or not? Two fatalities in the marathon to face Real Estate in the Concoff League – ten

Marathon Returning to the international arena this Wednesday. The Purslane team faces off at the Olympic Stadium The real Estelle of Nicaragua At the official start Concacaf League The night starts at 8:00 p.m.

One of the great expectations of Purslane fans is to know who the talented footballer is Kerwin Ariaga Will return to team ownership, however Uruguay coach Martin Garcia He has decided to abide by his decision with the player not to call himself.

Ariaga, for the third game in a row, was not called up before he was called up for this important Concoff match. In the classic pages against Olympia and Real Spain Previous Wednesday and Sunday respectively.

The national team keeps training routine, but will be sidelined in official matches for not following the club coaches’ orders without justifying their absence in clinical trials, so DD should not take it into account as a lesson in correcting their attitude.

Freelis Lopez is still available

Another confirmed loss for the Purslane team is its forward Freeles Lopez Enjoying the coach’s full confidence Garcia.

Lepes was not available due to injury because he was bad at the Champetrono derby Joe Benavides The swollen man standing on his toes is not yet ready to be in full position, so he will face Vidya on Saturday 11th Opening Match 2021.

Mario Martinez The Mask

One of the innovations that existed before The real Estelle It will be the appearance of Mario Martinez, who was without a call before Real Spain Elbow won classic against Olympia From defender Jonathan Boss.

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For this international meet, Purslane decided to use a protective mask to prevent the left arm injury from re-opening and forced him to leave in the middle of the match.

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