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A man living in the rural state of Odisha , He said, violently killing the snake that had bitten him. These statements were made Coming soon on social media.

According to the object, identified as Kishore Bhadra, The situation occurred when he returned home from work in his paddy field.

On the way back last night something bit my leg. I turned on my flashlight and found that it was a venomous grit snake. To get revenge on me, I took the snake in my hands and bit it again and again, killing it on the spot, ”he recalled.

In the same way, Bhadra said he did not seek medical help, Despite the advice of family and friends. Fortunately, it should be noted that he did not have any health problems after this incident.

Many users mentioned that they were surprised by the story which could turn into one of the most shocking stories in recent months. “I was amazed at what that guy did. You could say he was a tough manSaid one Twitter.

Great snakes, also known as bumblebees, live in South and Southeast Asia, and their venom is highly feared by humans.

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