Video: What procedure did Christian Nodal undergo to remove his tattoos?

Mexican singer Christian Nodal He caused a stir on social networks by uploading a story on his official Instagram account, in which he was seen without the many facial tattoos that had marked him for months, especially after his breakup with Belinda, during which time they increased.

She was later seen holding hands with rapper Cassu at the Cartel Awards in Argentina, where she again bares her face tattoo. Given this, Suspicions started spreading among his fans that his tattoos were removed by laserMany of them were happy to see the singer in his prime.

However, some haters asserted that Nodal “looked like a Martian”, suggesting that she had misused makeup to cover up her tattoos. Meanwhile, a video has come to light that proves the rumors to be true. Because the way Christian Nodal tattooed his face was through makeup.

Although the entire process could not be observed, it is speculated that the work hours were difficult in covering up his tattoos. Although there are high-coverage makeup bases that allow tattoos to be covered, they must be properly sealed to prevent sweat-covered ink from starting to resurface.

In any case, It is clear that the Mexican regional representative’s entertainment press and even his own fans wrote on social networks that they failed to see him naturally. And, really, he’s fine with no face tattoos.

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