Cala Murta’s colony space has reopened and can resume its activity

Pollenca Mayor Andres Nevado With the first deputy mayor and urban planning consultant Bartomeu SivreI received the visit of the Minister of Social Affairs and Sports, fine santiagoMinister of Environment and Territory, Michael MirWho attended the symbolic meeting The area of ​​the colony of Cala Murta.

A visit organized by the Rotger Villalonga Foundation, The property owner, Cala Murta, was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Josep Felix Ferrer, and the Vice President, Perry Anthony Porras, as well as several members of the Foundation.

A space that can be restored and reopened thanks to the entertainment law amendment approved by the relevant departmentsthat is, the Governor and Pollenka City Council held last July.

Bartomeu Sivri, First Deputy Mayor and Member of the Urban Planning Council, highlighted that “important work has been carried out by the Pollenca City Council, working since the beginning of the Legislative Council with the government to make this legislative amendment that it can serve. To adapt these spaces for non-profit entities.” In addition, Cifre added that “It’s an opportunity for all young people to enjoy nature in an emblematic area like the Formentor Peninsula and, in this case, Cala Murta and its neighborhoods.”

The aim is that lodges, camps, shelters and the like which are not activities supplementary to agricultural activities are considered to be of acceptable use with a series of requirements which must be met. Among these are the existing buildings that were used prior to the entry into force of the LEN for a shelter, shelter or similar activity; Which are not located in the ANEI with a high level of protection or in the flood risk prevention zone operated by the public administration or non-profit entities, intended for overnight stays or educational recreational activities for children and youth.

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In no case shall consideration of acceptable use entail the construction of new buildings or the expansion of existing ones.

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