Video: Spectacular Geminid meteor shower captured over Puerto Rico

Images obtained from the island show several bright meteors visible early Friday morning as part of the Geminid meteor shower.

The Astronomical Society of the Caribbean (SAC) has indicated that the phenomenon will be visible not only from Wednesday to Thursday, but also from Thursday to Friday.

“Exactly on the second night or early morning of the event, very bright meteors were observed,” SAC science liaison Eddie Irizarry said.

As part of the Earth’s journey around the Sun, our planet will pass through a previously published area of ​​numerous particles of “3200 Phaeton”, which caused the celestial spectacle due to a strange object classified as an asteroid. , but it could be weathered or the rocky core of an extinct comet.

Although the peak of meteor activity occurred during the last two nights, some could still be seen until Christmas Eve, it was noted.

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