Video: Singer Jared Leto makes a video call to a sick Russian fan


17 October 2021 04:28 GMT

During the conversation, which lasted more than 10 minutes, the artist congratulated his follower on his birthday and told him about his love for Russian food and Slavic culture.

Jared Leto, founder of the alternative rock band 30 to Mars, recently made a video call to congratulate patient Anastasia Petrova on her birthday.

In the conversation that lasted more than 10 minutes, the actor told his followers about his love for Russian food and Slavic culture. Also, Leto asked Anastasia to comfort his family with him. The woman told the artist about her current condition Thanks for his gesture.

It was the young woman’s brother who asked for ‘Vera’ welfare assistance funds to help organize the surprise. “I dream that Jared discovered that there is a woman here in Russia, a smart, beautiful, ambitious, loving woman. I want her to listen. Words of encouragement Not just from me, but from his mother and his sisters, and from his idol and longtime friend Jared Leto. ” Appointment The background of the family member’s words.

Passion for life

Anastasia, 27, has been a fan of the celebrity group for 11 years. So when I was 19, Stood in line for more than five hours Go to a band concert. The follower takes as memories on his Instagram account the videos of the concerts he attended, where he sings from memory, along with other viewers, songs of 30 seconds to Tuesday.

In addition, they gave the fan 10 years ago Lotto’s card cutout In a wooden frame. “‘Jared’ is a little damaged, but everyone in the house is familiar with him and considers him one of their own,” reads Vera’s fundraiser on Instagram.

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