Vicente Fox releases video in support of Francisco Garcia Cabosa de Veca

Ciudad Victoria, Thamul Lipas.- Through his Twitter account, former President Vincent Fox The governor of Tamaulipas shared a video of the observation, Francisco Garcia Caboza de Vaca, In which the phrase stands alone: ​​”To the extent that it can go to their ul lipas, their ul lipas do not bend.”

Introducing the video, Fox wrote: “Strict Governor! You are right, there is no more abuse. Wax M.X. If X Mx. We are passing through Mexico. ”

In the 44-second video, Garcia Cabosa de Waca said: “Let it be clear, I am not fooling anyone. I have always said that I am going to protect the interests of their ul libas, the interests of their ul libas. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. ”

“Despite the simulations and frauds, the federation cannot be said to be against the development of our country and the regional and national progress,” he said.

“We will fight against any other action that is against the interests of the people of Tamaulipas. We will not budge on this decision.

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