MLP: Trevor Boer heats the dodgers

Trevor Boyer Always controversial Big leagues. This time he is the protagonist of some Reports That heat DodgersParents For the 2021 harvest M.L.P..

In fact, there are no surprises coming from the jug Dodgers, Trevor Boyer, Who resulted Reports Spicy after leaving his dominance Parents And spring training 2021.

Boer The man, who made his way into the game this afternoon, hit a hitter Parents One eye closed. Yes, you read that right, one eye closed M.L.P..

When leaving the game ParentsDodgers, Trevor Boyer Revealed Reports That it was difficult to open both eyes and beat him Big leagues.

“If they open one eye and they can’t register me, it’s hard to open both eyes and register me,” he said. Trevor Boyer, Further heating up the fight ParentsDodgers For the 2021 season M.L.P..

Yes, we all think the same way. That man is crazy Big leagues.

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