Venezuelan soldiers persecute traders in violation of Colombian sovereignty in Queensia.

Venezuelan army in Colombia. Photo: Video Capture

Two members of the Bolivian National Guard were found by a Colombian navy on a boat carrying Colombian civilians and on the western side of the border. A new conflict of national sovereignty on the border of the state of Guinea and the Amazon.

According to the National Navy, the incident took place on August 24, the number of the Marine Infantry Division that carried out river control operations in the area.

The boat was on the Negro River, which stretches as far as Brazil and the border between Colombia and Venezuela is seen as a peninsula on the Colombian map. The boat, named “El Guaniano”, is named after Guania, and is located between the mouths of the rivers of the same name and the neighboring Republic of Casciuer.

The Navy’s river division, upon learning of the complaint, went to the scene and found a public boat carrying several Colombian civilians and goods. Connected to the Colombian coast, it consists of two members of Venezuela’s Bolivarian National Guard.

In videos aired on social networks Two armed Venezuelan soldiers, one of whom is seen on the boat with his face covered. Asked why the Colombians boarded the boat in Colombian territory, they said they were going to test the goods.

The Colombian navy boat arrived a short time later and asked the soldiers to “respect our territory” because they were in an area where they had no sovereignty. “Please leave our territory,” said the ship’s captain when the Venezuelan boat arrived at the scene.

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Colombian soldiers called on the Venezuelan army to disembark from the boat, guaranteeing sovereignty and protecting Colombian civilians aboard the ship. All of the above fully comply with the existing limited agreements between the two countries and the free navigation of common rivers, ”the Colombian navy said.

Although it was not clear why the Venezuelan uniformed men carried out the operation, the Colombian crew regretted boarding the boat even when it was anchored near the port of San Philippe.

The Navy called the operation a “Hate against Colombian citizens was exercised by members of the Venezuelan police force who exercised their right to free navigation on the river, which is said to be under control on the Colombian coast.”

After the incident, Venezuelan security forces returned to their homeland and the Colombian navy took the ship “El Guaniano” to its destination. The Colombian navy submitted a report to the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informing them of the border incident, but so far there has been no public statement.

This port of the country has three borders and most of the ships carry cargo and have several ports for national and international transport as it is the main communication route and allows to reach many points from the capital Guinea.

This situation has created previous sovereign conflicts. In June 2020, a humanitarian mission of the Norwegian Refugee Council, an officer of the Red Cross, was detained by members of Venezuela’s Bolivian National Guard, although they did not enter the national border, as explained by the Navy, violating free navigation on international waters and public rivers.

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