Venezuela: Journalists and activists detained during the Nicolas Maduro regime have been released after 25 hours of forced disappearances.

Journalists Luis Gonzalo Perez and Rafael Hernandez have been detained by the Venezuelan National Guard in the border state of Abour, and two Fundrais activists identified as Juan Carlos Salazar and DeGeneres Troto (Photo courtesy: Fundraisers)

Venezuelan journalists Luis Gonzalo Perez and Rafael Hernandez were released this Thursday after more than 25 hours detained by agents of the Nicolas Maduro regime, including fighting between the military and a group identified as FARC protesters by several voluntary organizations.

Two journalists, from the Colombian television network NDN24Activists Juan Carlos Salazar and DeGeneres Troto, members of the voluntary charity Fundrades, who reported what had happened in the area since the fighting began on March 21, were released., The National Press Workers Union (SNDP) is detailed on Twitter.

The SNDP revealed this Thursday at 21:25 GMT “After 25 hours of arbitrary detention and forced disappearance, Journalists Luis Gonzalo Perez and Rafael Hernandez were released, along with fundraisers Juan Carlos Salazar and DeGeneres Troto.

“Luis Gonzalo and Raphael are doing well. They took their belongings, dangerous, especially cell phones, and recording and transfer equipment. “, One day in an informed state, but after confirming his release from an unknown place, the SNDP

In conversation with Infopa, Reporter Rosalie Hernandez revealed that she was able to communicate with her brother, journalist Rafael Hernandez at 22:27 GMT. “The problem now is, they should try to get to Caracas soon,” he explained.

Javier Tarasona, director of Fundarides, also described on Twitter that he was able to speak with Troto, Salazar, Perez and Hernandez Published in the Quastualito area, It is part of the Pace Municipality of Apur State. “They took their phone equipment, cameras with them to their journaling and documenting work,” he said.

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On the other hand, activist Gonzalo Himiop from Foro Penalty has added it They were acquitted without the need to appear before any judicial authority.

Journalists were arrested in Abur (ntsntpvenezuela)
Journalists were arrested in Abur (ntsntpvenezuela)

Chain NDN24 Hernandez and PerezIncluding the conflict in Apur“Venezuelan soldiers have been battling FARC protesters since March 21. When is the border state?”They were retained“Officers along with two activists Bolivarian National Guard (GNP, Militarized Police).

Wednesday at about 16:00 local time (21:00 GMT) “It was said that they would be released by returning the recording equipment”, but The TV channel lost communication from that moment on, As explained NDN24.

Thousands of Venezuelans flee to Colombia amid clashes between army and guerrillas
Thousands of Venezuelans flee to Colombia amid clashes between army and guerrillas

The fighting between the military and the FIRC opponents began on March 21, when they spread the photos of the former guerrillas’ visible initials but were not identified by any official or military, and at least four soldiers were killed.

However, information provided by members of the military or the regime of Nicolas Maduro was very limited, although they did not confirm how many members of the armed group were killed, although they did report that the six were “neutralized” and that one word was used indiscriminately for both dead and arrested.

As a result of the conflict, more than 6,000 people have fled across the Araca River, which marks the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

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