Pato Borgetti responds to claims by his former Gretel Valdes

During a recent interview he gave Gretel Waltz To Jordi Rosado, the actress revealed herself Separation With Patricio Borgetti It was so painful that on many occasions she humiliated herself by not leaving her side, however, her son’s father told her to go in search of her “sun” so he drowned her in a strong Depression.

Pato, who was confronted with these in-depth statements, questioned what he thought of the press, so he insisted that it had already happened many years ago “without shortening the words”, so he only focused Here I am.

“We are well behaved, it happened 11 years ago, we are both happy, so there is not much to comment on. Everyone chooses to share what they want from their lives. I am happy to share that I want to live in the future. , Everything is fine. “

At the urging of the media, Borghetti declared that he did not want to eliminate the past, as opposed to respect for his allies, because for him it did not make sense.

“I’m not going to talk about what happened 11 years ago, because I do not understand anything. She’s married. I respect her partner. It makes no sense to me to remove something that happened 11 years ago.

Other than that, Odalis Ramares, the current partner of the ‘Venga La Allegri’ host, was there, not quiet.

Finally Patricio promised not to watch the interview, however he respects the statements of his ex-partner.

“I don’t see it, but I respect it. Everyone feels what they feel, they can express well what they feel. We continue to do so and try our best to keep Santino (their son) well.”

Pato Borgetti sends a message to his former member

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