Variety magazine annoys her fans by describing Argentine-American actress Anya Taylor-Joy as a woman of color

Variety deleted the paragraph in question and noted that the article was changed after receiving critical waves in a sentence at the end of the text.

Argentine-American actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Series or TV Movie for her role in ‘Ladies Gambit’, has been identified in Variety magazine as a ‘woman of color’, which angered fans, Reports Daily Dot.

Variety dedicated a speech to Taylor-Joy about the award, in which they wrote: “Argentina Taylor-Joy became the first woman of color to win the title since Queen Latifa won in 2008. In addition, it is the fifth color to be included in the awards since 1982. The other winners were S. Ebta Mercerson, Halle Berry and Alfre Woodard. “

Many fans pointed out to the press that the actress could not be placed among the aforementioned African Americans. She identifies herself as a white Latin. So Variety Deleted That paragraph He agreed in one sentence at the end of the speech that the article had been modified.

“Anya Taylor-Joy could be Latin + white! She’s not a colorful person, and designing her success is very different from Variety,” one Twitter user wrote.

In addition, many Taylor-Join fans have cited an eagle article published in 2018, where the actress talked about her Latin identity and the growing “strange mix” before moving to the UK from Argentina, but it was never described. As the woman of color.

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