Amazon changed its app icon after unfavorable comparisons

(CNN Business) – Amazon quietly changed the design of the new icon for its app. The company replaced the blue bar at the top of the image which led to some unfavorable comparisons.

Amazon Shopping app users will now see a brown box. That is similar to the package, With a blue stripe similar to the packing tape over the trademark smiley arrow.

Amazon introduced the first new icon in a few international markets in late January. But he recently changed the design of the blue stripe, after some said it resembled a mustache in the shape of a toothbrush, similar to the one that Adolf Hitler wore.

“I didn’t realize that Amazon had quietly modified its new icon to look like … less of a Hitler.” Wrote Alex Hearn, technology editor at WatchmanAnd Twitter.

The first new icon on the left, update on the right.

The new icon was the first design change in Amazon in over five years. Has been replaced shopping cart And he removed the word “amazon”. But it shows the company’s smiling arrow logo more prominently. The blue bar appears to be torn, as if the package has been opened.

“We designed the new icon to generate anticipation, excitement and joy when customers begin their shopping journey on their phones. As they do when they see our boxes on the doorstep of their homes,” an Amazon spokesperson said. The app icon has been modified based on user feedback.

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Only iOS users in the UK, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands have seen a similar design to Hitler in recent weeks. The updated code was released worldwide to iOS users last week. Android users will see the new look starting this week.

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