Vargas Llosa criticized the intervention of foreign presidents: “They interfered improperly in Peruvian affairs”

Mario Vargas Llosa’s speech at the Government Palace after receiving the Order of the Sun Canal N

Mario Vargas Loza He defended the legitimacy of the presidency Tina Polwarte This Wednesday, he was presented with the award Grand Collar of the Order of the Sun, A month after joining the French Academy, the highest national distinction.

In his speech, the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature felt that “some” foreign presidents were “improperly interfering in Peruvian affairs, drawing in neighboring countries and questioning the legitimacy of the head of state.”

to Vargas LozaPolitical leaders who disapprove of the Bolvard administration, including Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Mexico) and Gustavo Pedro (Colombia), have been “moved for ideological reasons or political interests.”

“Democracy prevails in Peru and we firmly reject its intervention, which violates international standards and the basic principles of good neighborliness,” the Spanish-Peruvian writer noted. Patricia LosaHis ex-wife.

Mario Vargas Llosa awarding moment. Chanel N

Despite this, he added that he respects the policy of Bolovarte “incarnating”. Economist Due to the “unstable political environment, extreme polarization and high tolerance for the military government” the country ceased to be considered a democratic regime and was relegated to a hybrid regime.

Although Although he lived abroad after the defeat of Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), he indicated that he was not separated from the Peruvian situation. Vargas Loza He did not mention those who died in the anti-government protests, for which Pollarde faces a preliminary investigation for genocide.

Last February, amid a social outcry, the Nobel laureate co-created history French AcademyThe institution responsible for ensuring the purity of Moliere’s language at a solemn ceremony in Paris.

Mario Vargas Llosa was congratulated by his relatives Video: TV Peru

His ties to Peruvian politics have tied him closely to the situation and, in the 2021 presidential elections, led him to surprise support. Keiko Fujimori Pollarde was vice president, against Pedro Castillo (daughter of Alberto Fujimori).

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The President noted Vargas Loza “The largest scale of letters in Peru and one of the most important in America and the world”, in addition to its recent affiliation with Nobel and the French Academy.

“This is a milestone that elevates Peruvian culture, the first author not to write a work in French, but for his award-winning work that is part of the global heritage,” he said. The Chancellor also attended the function But Cecilia Gervasi and other cabinet members.

The Head of State also mentioned Vargas Loza devoted all his work to depicting Peru and was “a stoic guardian of Democracy and Freedom”. During the ceremony, the Nobel laureate hesitated on several occasions while reading his speech and left some sentences incomplete.

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