They propose better communication to combat crime in the Caribbean

Dominican and US officials acknowledged the need to use new communications technologies to improve communication, in order to more effectively combat transnational crime and co-operation in the event of natural disasters in the region.

This was expressed by Secretary of Defense Carlos Luciano Diaz Morba and Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Command in the United States Craig Fowler, who expressed their interest that the assembled countries could share their experiences.

These objectives were presented on the first day of the Caribbean Defense Conference (KANCEC) session, where they also pointed out the importance of developing mechanisms for enhancing joint military operations.

Also, during the event, the Acting Director of the Ministry of Defense shared the results of coordinating the capabilities of the Armed Forces and the measures developed by the health authorities.

Similarly, he cited support for the implementation of measures such as curfew orders, epidemiological surveillance from C5i and patient care.

“This place has allowed us to show that we have a decent military component, organized and made available to our people, in a quick time to guarantee the safety of the people,” Guerrero Glass said.

At the end of the day, Diaz Morba said, “Without shared information, it is as if we are blind. The Union Force does; We propose respect, and collectively we can take the necessary ethics and guidance, and in the end, the important thing is the desire to solve any problem ”.

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