VAR Arrives in Honduras! At the National Team’s Home Elimination Games, the video is premiered at the Refreshing Concoff.


And this is a fact. The Where Arrive in Honduras next month and play in the elimination matches played by the national team for the octagonal qualifying round Qatar World Cup 2022.

Concacaf has informed all the federations about the implementation of the technology as it has been under study since September, but it will be until this Three date FIFA It will be used for the first time in the Central American region of Concacaf.

See. This is how the octagonal position chart works

Hugo Carrillo, president of the El Salvador Football Association, was the first president of the region to make an official announcement about the arrival of the VAR, as they had already received an announcement from Concacaf, the host of the tournament.

“Since June or July, Concacaf and FIFA have been preparing and conducting research, and it has been decided that this tool, called VAR, can be used for the last two dates of this angle (January and March 2022). We and other Central American countries need to get used to using this tool, ”said Guerrero.

How much is it worth using and who will provide it?

Using VAR is not cheap. For its use, each country would have to invest up to $ 5 million if it wanted to acquire the equipment, as only economically strong leagues could use it. Only Mexico, the United States and Canada have implemented this in their leagues in Concacaf. Central America is still far from accessible.

It will be used during elimination matches. At the Olympic Stadium, it will be set up by MediaPRO, a multinational company that owns the television rights to the Concacaf Games, and will provide equipment for the elimination matches on January 27 and 30 in San Pedro Sula.

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The Honduras national team, led by Colombian coach Hernான்n “Polilo” Gomez, is finally in the Congo, winning El Salvador on January 27 and Canada on January 30. The VAR will also be at the Custodel Stadium in El Salvador, the National in Costa Rica and the Rommel Fernandez in Panama, so the team will move across Central America.

Jamaica only has to transfer mobile units by sea or plane because other countries can be reached by road from one of the three North American countries.

The Spanish company MediaPro was hired by the Mexican Soccer Federation to receive VAR on the Liga MX, where VAR has a special room only in 17 stadiums in the maximum circuit, Tijuana.

The rest are carried from the cabin inside some of the vans, also known as mobile units, which are placed close to the grounds, which will also be at Die headquarters.

Next Elimination Dates

January 27, 2022
(Kingston) Jamaica vs Mexico
(Columbus) United States vs El Salvador
(San Pedro Sula) Honduras vs Canada
(San Jose) Costa Rica vs Panama

January 30, 2022
(Ontario) Canada vs USA
(Mexico City) Mexico vs Costa Rica
(Panama City) Panama vs Jamaica
(San Pedro Sula) Honduras vs El Salvador

February 2, 2022
(Kingston) Jamaica vs Costa Rica
(Minnesota) United States vs Honduras
(San Salvador) El Salvador vs Canada
(Mexico City) Mexico vs Panama

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