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Cuban volleyball seeks the development of its young people with a good quarry that, currently, plays in several foreign leagues, to which is now added the appreciable opportunity to also bring coaches of the national team to that practice, for their improvement and updating of their knowledge. Nicolás Vives, the head of the Cuba team’s coaching collective, has been working as a main mentor, for several weeks, with the Hatta club, in the United Arab Emirates.

– What are the characteristics of that league?

–It has eight mid-level casts. Let’s not compare it with those of Russia, Italy or Turkey, but it is played a lot, twice a week and we are in fourth place. Each squad can have three foreigners on its payroll, but only two go out on the field, although the organizers intend, for next season, that all three can be on the field.

–What has this directing practice given you?

– You always learn, much more when you play so much. As we face rivals every three days, it gives you the possibility to analyze the matches, focus on the tactics and the strategy you are going to carry out, and you are interested in studying the most important elements to get the most out of your boys. The world is playing more and we must do it too. The time to train and train is behind us, today it cannot be directed only with paper and pencil, it is necessary to update ourselves with science and technique, with tools such as data volleyball, to control athletic performance: Soon, Cuba will have a specialist to insert us in the first world level.

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– Being in the United Arab Emirates, do you know how Cubans march in foreign leagues?

–I keep a weekly statistical control of each one of them, I analyze them and give my opinion. I hope that when we meet in Cuba, in May, to be able to discuss their performances, because this year we have very difficult objectives such as the World Challenger and the World Championship. It would be good to establish a preparation base in our country, if by that date the grounds of the National Volleyball School are repaired.

– Will other coaches have an experience similar to yours?

– I will pass on the knowledge acquired to the other national coaches and also to those of the province, but I think it is important that others have the opportunity to prove themselves in an experience like this. It has helped me a lot.

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