Using Cruz Azul’s ‘help’, the United States takes over the leadership of Abardura 2021

Cruz overthrows Azul Toluga and overthrows his presidency, US takes over after winning Atlas this Sunday

The United States defeated Atlas by 0 to 1 to raise Abardora to the 2021 honor, That Tolucca The front was left vulnerable Blue Cross, After a 4 to 0 defeat at the Azteca Stadium ground.

Before the start of Day 4 of the tournament in Mexican football, The Red Devils occupied the first place of the championship with nine points, Followed by the formation of a group of seven units San Louis Athlete, Macadlon FC, United States Y AtlasOnly the eagles were successful, allowing them to climb to the top of the classification.

Toluca, two days ago, established itself in the first round of the tournament, Jumped on the pitch at the Azteca Stadium without concentration in the defensive zone and scored the first penalty in the 4th minute, leaving Brian Angulo alone with the defeat of Miguel Barbary to outline the goal. A minute later, Santiago Kimெnez took advantage of a return shot from goalkeeper Luis Garcia to score.

At 34, Anglo Barberi intercepted a bad late pass from Harret Ordega and rushed towards the goal of the match, defining a lead against Alfredo Salta, who was released under Garcia’s sticks and injured by play in the second goal.

To close the end, Orbelin Pineda scored the fourth goal at 85 ‘with a right cross shot from inside the post after receiving a filtered diagonal towards his position. It is noteworthy that with this decision, Juan Rhinoceros’ students rose from eleven to third on the table.

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During the fight at the Jalisco Stadium, the Eagles resolved a difficult situation by tough handling of Emanuel Aguilera’s Julian Queens, which was declared a direct red card in referee 57.

The balance in the electronic was broken until the 77th minute when Sebastian Cordova, thanks to the team’s new number ‘10 ’, entered from just the right side of the area and combined the filtered ball provided by Salvador Reyes.

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